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Gifts Chasing Curios Curios Leading Gifts Our 120 year old reputation for quality means you have the security of knowing that your purchase comes directly from Southern African experts who really know about African rugs, Gifts and Curios.
Kottlers Online has long adopted the motto "one gets what one pays for" and we strive to provide the highest quality possible for all of our expertly tanned African Animal Skins!
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Ostrich Egg
Decoupage and Carved

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African Egg Curios from $56 each!
Handpainted Decoupage
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Eggs are available in the famous Big Five,
(Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant & Rhino)
and also in interesting and colourful
South African wild bird and wild flower egg designs.

Creating a unique intimate atmosphere is easy
with the Warm African Glow of a Natural
Carved Ostrich Egg Lamp!

Decoupage Egg Stands and Ostrich Egg
Lamp Stands are created in bronze,
 pewter, ceramic, and warthog tusk.

Our silk-like decoupage (painted) eggs are
magnificent, colorful and affordable.

They will make the Perfect Addition to
your home!

How our decoupage
Ostrich Eggs are created:

 The eggs arrive cleaned and ready for use.

Most of the original drawings used are carefully
and skilfully created by local artists.

The original drawings are then kept on file on
computer and duplicated as a template so they
can be used again and again.

The templates are then glued onto the egg,
which has often been pre-treated with gold leaf
- dependant on the original design.

After each egg is individually pre-designed it is
handed over to a specialist team of  50 African
ladies from the local Zulu community, many of
whom have been producing top quality curios
since as early as 1990.

In fact, during the process of creation, each egg
can be handled by up to 10 different
professionals as there are many different
processes that can be applied.

After preparation they are carefully coated with
50 coats of a specially prepared acrylic varnish.

This is done by hand in order to conceal the
cut-out  original designs still visible.

At this point the eggs are handed over to the
next specialist  team who then carefully sand
each individually with three different grits
(thicknesses) of water-paper.

The eggs are then left to cure (harden) and are
then placed in a spray booth where they are
sprayed with the best hardeners available
in fact the same clear coat which goes
onto our motor vehicles!

No machinery other than the machinery for
spray-painting (which is also done by hand)
is used.

Eggs and Lamps Make
Fantastic Gifts TOO!!

Decoupage Eggs are
designed and created
entirely by hand

Ostrich Egg Curios from Kottlers

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BIG5 Ostrich Egg ($56)
BIG5 With Map Ostrich Egg ($56)

Cheetah With Map Ostrich Egg ($56)

BIG 5 Ostrich Egg ($56)
on Springbok Horn Stand ($59)

Leopards Ostrich Egg ($56)
on Shaved Kudu Horn Stand ($38)

Giraffes Ostrich Egg ($56)
on Ceramic Rhino Stand ($25)

Ceramic Animal Egg Stands $25 each

Springbok Horn
Stand ($59)

Pewter Stand ($43)

Pewter Stand ($43)

Genuine Warthog
Tusk Stand ($38)

Ostrich Pewter Stand ($86)

Pewter Stand ($59)
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We have been exporting African Egg Curios for over a century and are known throughout the world for our integrity and service.

Kottlers Online has adopted the motto
"one gets what one pays for"
and we strive to provide the highest quality possible!

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